The Stradella City Museum of the Accordion


The Stradella City Museum of the Accordion was inaugurated on May 20, 1999, with the participation of the Italian songwriter Paolo Conte as a special guest. The Museum was established in 1997 by resolution of the Stradella Town Council with the aim to preserve the memory of an exciting piece of local history that made world wide famous the small laborious town of Stradella.
The permanent exhibition could be set up thanks to several years of archival research on historical documents and to the crucial contribution of direct witnesses. Also helpful were the numerous donations of old instruments, tools and documents, which are irreplaceable sources of information.
The primary mission of the museum was to preserve memory of the genesis of the Stradella Accordion and of the events relating tothe 44 accordion factories established in the city since 1876: many models of accordion with an infinity of variations were developed, which evolved in time due to technological improvement.
The museum is divided into three sectors, in turn organized in five rooms: the first sector describes the historical context in which the local accordion industry developed; then follows the educational sector, which illustrates with a technical description the components making up the beautiful sound box and the peculiarities of its music; in the last sector,a wide range of models produced in Stradella are on display, arranged in chronological order.
The wide collection houses extremely important instruments, many of which are unique: among the examples is the firstaccordion produced in Stradella by the pioneer Mariano Dallapè in 1871, simply named Accordion, or the "organfisa" Liturgica,reproducing the amazing sound of an organ. There are many other special models characterized by a sophisticated aesthetic and a lovely sound.
Along the tour path you will find several information panels: every artifact and document is accompanied by a brief description, and each sector hosts panels with close-ups on specific topics related to the theme. Expert guides may also accompany the visitors willing to have closer insights on the exposed features.


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e-mail: musei@comune.stradella.pv..it

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